The Accountant's Partner Screens & Features

Displayed below are a several of The Accountant's Partner screens. Scroll down and click on a picture and see how The Accountant's Partner practice management software is distinguished by its complete, yet simple and easy to use design.






Time Bill Transaction   Clock Transaction


   Recurring Bill         Standard Invoice          Receivables



 Practice Manager





    Partial Software Features

   Step by step tutorial & quick set up notes

   User friendly screens & on line help

   Easy to use & comprehensive 

   Real (on line) or batch time entry 

   Clock generated time transactions

   Multiple time interval selections

   Multiple write up/down features

   Multiple invoice formats

   Select invoice type by client

   User defined invoice text

   Client and staff budgets

   Email client invoices

   Email client statements

   Email client letters

   Email client tax deposit notices

   On demand billing

   Automatic fixed fee billing

   Complete/partial time billing

   Clock time billing

   Complete invoice history

   Invoice reprinting capabilities

   Re-billing capabilities

   Full featured accounts receivable

   Payment batch entry

   After the fact invoice entry

   Finance charge calculations

   Transactions journal

   Accounts receivable history



      Features Continued

   Complete due date tracking

   Automatic calculation of federal due dates

   Work control screens and worksheets

   Contact management features

   Client query function

   Prints labels & rotary cards

   Engagement scheduler and message center

   Client notes tracker

   Letter mail merge features

   CPE credits tracker

   Mileage and expense tracker

   Tax deposit notices manager

   Virtual unlimited number of clients

   Virtual unlimited number of partner/staff

   Virtual unlimited number of timekeepers

   Virtual unlimited number of services

   Virtual unlimited number of transactions

   Shares one common database

   Avoids duplication of effort

   Back up and restore functions

   Automatic installation

   Over 150 management reports

   Import and export capabilities

   Single and network versions available