The Pre-School Partner Screens & Features

Displayed below are a several of The Pre-School Partner screens. Scroll down and click on a picture and see how The Pre-School Partner daycare management software is distinguished by its complete, yet simple and easy to use design.

 Family            Pick Up








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 Partial Software Features

User friendly screens

On line help

User’s tutorial

Helps you conform to HRS regulations

Tracks child vaccinations and next doctor due date

Maintains family and children waiting lists

Prints attendance roster worksheets

Maintain authorized child drop off/pick up information

Provides child eligibility and fund re-determination reports

Prints coming due vaccinations notices

Prints year end family tax reporting statements

Tracks staff first aid information and training history

Automates billing and tracking of collections (accounts receivable)

Log in/log out module

Automates check writing

Integrated appointment scheduler

Over 70 management reports

Email, fax and telephone support




      Features Continued

Full features accounts receivable

Family invoice/payment inquiry screen

Quick family payment entry

Family outstanding balance ledgers

Finance charge calculations available

Complete accounts receivable history

Prints labels and rotary cards

USDA meal program calculates reimbursements

Log in/log out module

Automates check writing

Integrated appointment scheduler & message tracking

Virtual unlimited number of families

Virtual unlimited number of children

Virtual unlimited number of staff

Avoids duplication of effort

Back up and restore functions

Automatic installation

Email, fax and telephone support

Import and export capabilities

Single user and network versions available